Aksamentov Oleg

Director of the Institute AEROHELP, expert in air law
圣彼得堡 (俄罗斯)
Oleg Aksamentov


In 2000 – graduated from the Law Faculty of St Petersburg State University in the specialty "Jurisprudence".

In 2003 – graduated from the full-time postgraduate school at the Department of Commercial Law at St Petersburg State University.

In 2009 – completed a short-term training at the Institute of executives and industry experts at the St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation of the training program "Application of information technology in the educational process."

In 2011 – completed a short-term training at the St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation of the training program "The use of distance education technologies in the learning process of the university".

In 2013 and in 2016 – completed a short-term training in ATC SPSU CA of the training program and professional development of teachers of civil aviation training centers (ATC CA).

In 2023, he sudied at the summer school of the Administrative Law of St Petersburg State University "State Control and Supervision".


From 2000 to November 30, 2014 – Assistance Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Transport Law at Civil Aviation Academy, and then at the St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. Courses taught: air law, transport law.

From December 1, 2014 to present – Visiting Professor of air law at the St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. Courses taught: air law problems, aeronautic law.


He has a Letter of Acknowledgment from the Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency for his great personal contribution to the scientific and legal support of the Civil Aviation Organizations (2011).

Since 2011 – a member of Russian Association of International Law.

Since 2012 – a member of European Air Law Association (EALA).

Legal expert of Aviation EXplorer Information agency.

Expert of the radio Vesti FM.

From 2012 to December 2014 – the Head of the Air Law Center of SPSU CA.

Since 2013 – a member of the Coordination Council at the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) for the preparation of aviation specialists of the state-members to the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace.

Since September 28, 2016 – a member of Public Council by North-West Investigation Directorate on Transport at the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation.

He awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Federal Air Transport Agency, for the great personal contribution to the promotion and development of air law (2016).

From December 2019 to the present  Executive Secretary of the Working group in the field of air transport under the Subcommittee on improving the control (supervisory) and licensing functions of federal executive bodies under the Government Commission on Administrative Reform.

Organizer (Secretary of Organizing Committee) of the scientific conferences:
Air Law of Russia: Development and Perspectives (St Petersburg, Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge, 2010);
First National Congress of Russian Aviation Lawyers (Moscow, Russian Presidential Academy, 2011);
The Second St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge, 2011);
The Third St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Renaissance Hotel, 2013);
The 4th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Corinthia Hotel, 2014);
The 5th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Corinthia Hotel, 2015);
The 6th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2016);
The 7th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Yusupov Palace, 2017);
The 8th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Pavlovsk, Pavlovsk Palace, 2018);
The 9th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Zubov Institute, 2019);
The 10th St Petersburg Air Law Conference (St Petersburg, Kelch Mansion, 2021);
The 11th Air Law Conference in Baku (Baku, Museum Center, 2022);
The 12th Air Law Conference in Moscow (Moscow, Petrovsky Travel Palace, 2023)

Has participated within working groups in research projects on the drafting of Federal Law Acts, decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation, orders of the Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Organizer of the AEROHELP Air Law Moot Court Competition:
The 1st International Air Law Moot Court Competition (Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2023).

He has a Letter of Acknowledgment from the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation for his personal contribution to the implementation of the Reform of control, supervision and licensing functions (2021).

He has a Note of Acknowledgement from the First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Governor of St Petersburg for many years of scientific and support of the aviation industry (2022).

Aksamentov Oleg
Aksamentov Oleg
Aksamentov Oleg
Aksamentov Oleg
Aksamentov Oleg