Penaloza Wilson

Expert in criminal law, aeronautical law and policy
Caracas (Venezuela)
Wilson Penaloza


In 2009 he graduated from the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, with Lawyer specialty.

In 2012 he graduated from the National School of Magistracy Judicial Management, Diploma: Judicial Management.

In 2018 he graduated from the Santa María University, specialization: Criminal Law.

​In 2020 he graduated from the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, specialization: Aeronautical and Space Law.

In 2021 – a short-term training for Aeronautical Teacher Training. CIA 54.

In 2021 – a short-term training for Teacher Training at the Simón Rodríguez Legal Training Academy Institute.


He is engaged as a lecturer to aviation specialists training in different issues of aeronautical and space law and policy.


Since 2010 – Litigator in various areas of law.

2010-2012 – Ministry of Popular Power for Commerce/Indepabis, position Lawyer, Assigned to the Conciliation room. Conciliator and mediator in matters of goods and services and aeronautical interest. Writer of several minutes in order to give public faith to the administrative procedure of the institution. Keep the record of complaints reconciled and processed for substantiation. Estate advisor inlegal matters and that which are formulated by the different dependencies, to provide them with the legal and juridical advice that they require.

2013-2021 – Public Defense: 12th Municipal Criminal Public Defender, Metropolitan Area of Caracas Guarantee the right to Criminal Defense, free of charge to all citizens, providing an efficient and effective orientation, advice, assistance and legal representation service, in the areas of competence, contributing to an impartial, equitable and expeditious administration of justice. Criminal investigation process.

President of the Association of Experts and Professionals in Venezuelan Aeronautical and Space Law (AEPDAEV).

Penaloza Wilson