Advanced training

Safety management system (SMS) of services provider: advanced training

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    Learning objectives: 

    Increase the level of professional knowledge in the field of safety management system (SMS) for staff of organization that are providers of services, i.e. developers and manufacturers of civil aircraft, organizations engaged in commercial air transport, maintenance of civil aircraft, air navigation services for aircraft flights, educational organizations and organizations engaged in training civil aviation personnel, operators of certified aerodromes of civil aviation, organizations providing ground services for aircraft and passengers.

    risk managers in civil aviation
    teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions
    teachers of aviation training centres
    quality management specialists
    specialists in maintenance and repair of aviation equipment
    senior management of civil aviation
    practicing lawyers and attorneys
    managers of airports
    flight safety personal
    ground handling staff
    aviation security services staff
    state civil servants competent authority
    Thematic plan: 

    1. State regulation of the safety management system (concepts, approaches, methods, condition, problems, tasks).
    2. The conceptual framework of an SMS.
    3. Overview of the Operational Safety Audit of Airline (IOSA).
    4. Overview of the safety audit of ground handling (ISAGO).
    5. The safety management system of the service (service) provider.
    6. Safety Risk Management Program.
    7. The system of voluntary communications.
    8. The procedure for the development and design of a safety management manual and other SMS documents.

    At the end of training: 
    advanced training certificate
    Form of study: 
    Russian or English

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