Samorodova Ekaterina

Expert in International Air Law, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Moscow (Russia)
Ekaterina Samorodova


In 2000 she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages (French and German), specializing in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

In 2009 — Defended her thesis on the topic "International legal problems of the development and adoption of a universal (global) convention on air law" at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MGIMO University). PhD in Law.

Teaching activity: 

Since 2001 until the present – she has been working at MGIMO University (Moscow).

Since 2013 – Head of the French language section at the Institute of International Relations and Management (IMOU — English undergraduate)

Since 2018 – Co-author and teacher of a special course on International Air Law for students of the IET magistracy (international economic law)

She is an Examiner-corrector of international certification exams DELF (A1-B2).

Other Activities: 

She is a Member of the All-Russian Association of French Language Teachers.

She is a Member of the Russian Association of International Law.

Author of textbooks and manuals on the language of the specialty (French for lawyers).

From 2020 until now – Aditor of the Academic Digest at the journal.

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